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Our company has developed various kinds of businesses specializing
in R&D of the Co-Green (Coffee & Green) industry, and our key
line is the green industry, particularly, manufacturing and selling
Eco Soil fermented by using own-developed microorganism
through recycling coffee waste.
In addition, we are also developing products which can be used in
a variety of industries by upcycling SCG (Spent Coffee Grounds).
Moreover, we have led the development of automatic coffee
machines, and the production and sale of coffee beverages
(Dutch/HDC), and sold equipment, goods and materials necessary
for brewing coffee.

Particularly, we are doing our best to develop upcycling
technology to reduce cost for waste landfill by creating social added value and controling environmental pollution through recycling coffee grounds, food waste, medicinal herbs grounds, or fruit sludge as environment-friendly manure and organic manure.

Based on the motto of our company, "company thinking dignities of human and environment first," we do make great efforts to achieve it.